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Trixell is a joint-venture company committed to the research, development and production of X-ray flat panel digital detectors covering a wide range of applications in X-ray imaging with a special focus given to medical radiology, under the Pixium brand.
With close to 100 000 Pixium detectors now in service worldwide, Trixell is an integral part of most of today’s X-ray exams in the world, from routine (Diagnostic Imaging) to the most advanced (Interventional in cardiovascular).
Its three parent companies, Thales Electron Devices 51%, Philips Healthcare 24.5% and Siemens Healthcare 24.5% bring their complementary skills to Trixell. Thales Electron Devices is the world’s leading maker of X-ray image intensifiers and radiological imaging solutions, providing comprehensive expertise in detection technology. Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare are world leaders in medical diagnostic and interventional systems, complete solutions and services. As the number 1 worldwide supplier of large-format digital detectors for general radiography, fluoroscopy and cardiovascular, Trixell is a well-recognized member of the high-tech medical imaging industry, nevertheless a part of Trixell’s products are also use in other fields than medical (veterinary, security, scientific research…). Trixell’s technology is the market standard, guaranteeing the best image quality with unrivalled dose reduction for the patient.
Trixell is a hotbed of activity for R&D and production, both expertise areas that demand highly specialized processes and systems. Most of its operations are carried out in clean rooms, and the production lines are in large part automated.

Key Figures:
• 430 employees
• 40% engineers and highly qualified technicians
• A dedicated 8,100 m² production plant including 2,000 m² of clean rooms
• More than 50 patent families

Expertise: Trixell core competence is to develop et produce X-ray imaging detectors, which corresponds to the key components for the success of Peroxis.

• Define detector architecture in link with the other work packages and partners.
• Develop and/or supply the required components for the demonstrators assembly.
• Fabrication and characterization of the detectors demonstrators or prototypes.

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